We are a leading manufacturer of high quality footwear for international distribution based in East Java, Indonesia. We have the capability to produce wide varieties of shoes for exporting more than 20 years.  We are eager to expand our market globally. The fundamental objective of PT. Gradial Perdana Perkasa is to establish a healthy business environment for a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and international footwear buyers. We invite you to explore long-term partnerships with our fast-growing company.

600 Employees

2 Manufacturing Sites

3 Development Center (indonesia & China)

1 Supporting Companies

1 Marketing company

>>Production Capacity 1 million Pairs/Year<<


Gradial Perdana Perkasa is a leading manufacturer of high quality leather footwear for international distribution based in East Java, Indonesia. We conduct our professional relationships according to three core values:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Commitment to the Highest Quality
  • Corporate Integrity

As a commitment to accommodate the growing order from  our valuable customers, in 2009 Gradial Perdana Perkasa open the second manufacture plant in Pandaan City, 50 Km from the first plant. The new manufacture plant is build in area of 27,000 square meter land, divided in 3 main buildings and equipped with the most advance shoes machinery.

Gradial Perdana Perkasa is proud to be a member of SATRA over than 5 years, the world’s leading research and technology centre of its kind and employs scientific, technical and support staff in the UK, USA and China

We are also a member of The Indonesian Footwear Association, APRISINDO


As an OEM Manufacture, Gradial Perdana Perkasa receive shoe designs from customers. But, we also provide our design refer to our in-house designs inspired by trade magazines and catalogues. Shoe pattern is drawn on the shoe last and transferred to a paper pattern. The pattern is then hand-cut or cut using a machine operating under Cad Cam or other shoe design softwares.

Brands That Have Worked With Us


Demi kesehatan karyawan dan terhindar dari covid-19, PT. Gradial perdana perkasa membentuk tim satgas covid-19 yang memiliki tugas masing - masing terutama penyemprotan disinfectant di seluruh area

Gradial Perdana Perkasa Maps


Surabaya Office

 +62 (0)31 749 2022 / 749 3328

Pandaan Factory

 +62 (0)343 634 594 / 634 093



Email : admin@gradialshoes.com


Surabaya Office

 Jl. Simo Tambaan II/72A
Surabaya 60188
East Java, Indonesia

Fax: +62 (0)31 748 1322


Pandaan Factory

Address: Jl. Krajan, Dsn Begagah
Kemiri Sewu, Pandaan, Pasuruan 67156
East Java, Indonesia

Fax: +62 (0)343 633 685