History & Inception

PT. Gradial Perdana Perkasa is a leading manufacturer of high quality leather footwear for international distribution based in East Java, Indonesia...

Mission & Commitment

PT. Gradial Perdana Perkasa is a new “B” member of SEDEX, organization dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business...

Gradial Perdana Perkasa

We are a leading manufacturer of high quality footwear for international distribution based in East Java, Indonesia. We have the capability to produce wide varieties of shoes for exporting more than 20 years.  We are eager to expand our market globally. The fundamental objective of PT. Gradial Perdana Perkasa is to establish a healthy business environment for a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and international footwear buyers. We invite you to explore long-term partnerships with our fast-growing company.

600 Employees
2 Manufacturing Sites
1 Supporting Companies
1 Marketing company

3Development Center (indonesia & China)
>>Production Capacity 1 million Pairs/Year<<


PT. Gradial Perdana Perkasa consists of 2 factories in 2 locations mainly, Surabaya and Pandaan.

5 / 15 Pairs/ day sample shoes produced.
1-2 days prototype making time
Pattern Making by Hand, Corel Draw, Pro-Cam (2D) and 3D upper design
Engineer-Pro program by Crispin-Delcam, Computerized Cutting Machine, Stations Embroidery machine.

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Professionalism in manufacturing is shown by the productivity of the factories that impress our customers from various parts of the world. From Spring-summer collection to Fall-winter, sport fashion to all lifestyles,Gradial Perdana Perkasa offers the customer our commitment to the best quality of the shoes, as partner to the growth of the brands that we have been doing.

Our Clients

We are delighted to be working with some of the most respected brands and companies in the shoe industry. List of clients and brands that have been working with PT. Gradial Prime Perkasa includes:

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