Gradial Perdana Perkasa is a leading manufacturer of high quality leather footwear for international distribution based in East Java, Indonesia. We conduct our professional relationships according to three core values:

Client Satisfaction

Commitment to the Highest Quality

Corporate Integrity

As a commitment to accommodate the growing order from  our valuable customers, in 2009 Gradial Perdana Perkasa open the second manufacture plant in Pandaan City, 50 Km from the first plant. The new manufacture plant is build in area of 27,000 square meter land, divided in 3 main buildings and equipped with the most advance shoes machinery.

Gradial Perdana Perkasa is proud to be a member of SATRA over than 5 years, the world’s leading research and technology centre of its kind and employs scientific, technical and support staff in the UK, USA and China

We are also a member of The Indonesian Footwear Association, APRISINDO