Gradial Perdana Perkasa


As an OEM Manufacture, Gradial Perdana Perkasa receive shoe designs from customers. But, we also provide our design refer to our in-house designs inspired by trade magazines and catalogues. Shoe pattern is drawn on the shoe last and transferred to a paper pattern. The pattern is then hand-cut or cut using a machine operating under Cad Cam or other shoe design softwares.


An overview of the manufacturing process of  Gradial Perdana Perkasa’s export quality shoes.


The cutting process consists of two types: leather-cutting and non-leathers-cutting. Leather is cut using a Swing Arm Cutting Machine while non-leather is cut using Flat Bed Cutting Machine.

Gradial Perdana Perkasa also equipped with Computerised Cutting Machine connected to our CAD system to support customer with small quantity order.