Gradial Perdana Perkasa


Shoe-stitching requires great skill and precision due to the different thickness of materials and the complex shoe structure. Depending on the shoe design, there are some 30 to 40 components that need to be stitched together. Hooks, eyelets and trims are added to the shoe upper using machines.


This is where the shoe assembly is done. The upper and lower shoe parts are combined into shoe shape. The upper part produced from the previous stitching process division and the bottom section produced in the stockfit division are assembled in this process to form a pair of shoes.

Gradial Perdana Perkasa

We are a leading manufacturer of high quality footwear for international distribution based in East Java, Indonesia. We have the capability to produce wide varieties of shoes for exporting more than 20 years.  We are eager to expand our market globally. The fundamental objective of PT. Gradial Perdana Perkasa is to establish a healthy business environment for a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and international footwear buyers. We invite you to explore long-term partnerships with our fast-growing company.

600 Employees
2 Manufacturing Sites
1 Supporting Companies
1 Marketing company

3Development Center (indonesia & China)
>>Production Capacity 1 million Pairs/Year<<

Gradial Perdana Perkasa do both “Stroble” and “Toe Lasting” system on our Cementing Assembly Process.