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Pre-Walker Shoes

Pre-Walker Shoes are made for children in the infant and toddler stages of life. The two main types of shoes in this collection, Pre-Walker Shoes and First Walker Shoes, are each uniquely made for different purposes.

First Walker Shoes

First Walker Shoes are designed for toddlers who are learning to walk or are already walking. The soles of these shoes are flat and harder than the Pre-Walker Shoes to help absorb shock, with some flexibility to support a toddler’s arch and encourage proper foot development.

Children’s Shoes

Children’s Shoes are your best choice for children below three years old who are already walking or even running. This is the most important stage in the development of a child’s feet. The shoes are constructed using a soft unit outsole, usually in PU, TPR, or TR material.

Junior Children’s Shoes

Our Junior Children’s Shoes collection are available in new and fresh styles, including all the classics made for all purposes; school, outdoor activities, walking and casual.

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